Nils Boeffel has 7 years of industry experience in the semiconductor and logistics industries.

In the semiconductor industry he worked in the field of automatic test equipment (ATE) in different positions in the US and France, working with clients in the US, Germany, Italy, France, and Japan.

Custom Design Engineer

  • Developed custom test instrumentation for key customers. Worked closely with customer teams to manage customer expectations during product development and introduction.
  • Ensured market retention by re-engineering key products according to higher quality standards and specific customer needs.
  • Worked with quality improvement teams to improve printed circuit board design process.

Field Applications Engineer

  • Managed customer projects to develop and deliver optimized test solutions, from concept through development to production.
  • Developed test hardware and software to guarantee end-customer quality requirements.
  • Developed real time statistical analysis production tools to monitor production stability.
  • Developed automatic test program conversion software to enhance test flexibility.
  • Trained co-workers and customers on development and quality management processes.

In the logistics industry, Nils collected experience as a product manager, responsible for building up and leading product management.

Head of Product Management

  • Managed alignment between customer requirements, business goals and technical development.
  • Created product development roadmap to achieve business plan and growth goals.
  • Defined and implemented product planning, release and documentation processes.
  • Developed statistical analysis methodologies and tools for analyzing and improving overall system performance and stability.
  • Drafted international cooperation agreements for joint ventures with partner firms.